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Our translation services

Professional translation 

Work with native-language linguists dedicated to your account who know your brand and voice. A fully transparent workflow allows you to connect directly with your translators via Slack, or comments as they work to translate and edit your content.

Specialized translation 

Across business verticals, industries, and specific types of content, translators with domain expertise are assigned to specific workflows for easy access.


In addition to language translation, transcreation conveys emotion and creativity from one culture to another while maintaining your existing tone, intent and style.

Neural machine translation

Our cloud-based Neural Machine Translation is driven by AI to select the best MT engine at a given time to give you the highest quality translation in milliseconds.

International SEO management

SEO strategy increases the organic search visibility of a site in multiple languages and markets. Smartling offers local keyword research, keyword translation, language-specific website and content audits, SEO copywriting, SEM/PPC ad copy, and consulting.

Desktop publishing

Advanced marketing, product packaging, and specially designed content is re-created by translators and graphic designers so that it’s ready to publish.

Translation quality assessment

Translations are evaluated using an error cataloguing framework – established by you – to determine whether they meet pass-fail criteria. The quality score and error analysis is then used to determine whether edits are needed.

Linguistic asset development

Develop and continuously maintain style guides and glossaries to ensure brand, voice, and terminology consistency.

White glove project management

Work with a team dedicated to maximizing every feature in the Smartling platform to increase your ROI, accelerate your time to market, and proactively resolve unforeseen issues.

LQA/Localization testing

Maintain language quality assurance and ensure visual and language consistency when localizing your product. This involves testing the UI in the app or website in order to identify and correct linguistic or display bugs and errors.

Full service video translation

Translate webinars, tutorials, interviews, product overviews, testimonials, video advertisements and promotions, entertainment content, and more. Smartling offers transcription, subtitling/captioning, voiceover/narration, and dubbing.


Machine Translation Post Edit (MTPE) enables linguists to edit machine translated content for brand tone and voice, overall coherency, and grammar. This feature includes accessing translation memory and glossary terms.

Why Smartling Language Services?

Our supply chain

Know who is working on 
what content and when. To optimize consistency and continuity, we believe it's best to have the same linguists be familiar with your content – consider them part of 
your team. 

Increased ROI

With 100% of work done within Smartling’s platform, utilize data insights, automations,  and platform experts to maximize your budget – giving you the best ROI for your translation investment.

Improved efficiency

Synergy between linguists, tools, and project managers delivers you the best translations. There is no word minimum, allowing you to work immediately – decreasing your time to market and saving money.

Smartling Language Services is trusted by

With Smartling, we always feel like our translation concerns and questions are taken very seriously. We feel like we’re in this together, working toward a shared goal.

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Website Content Manager, Eurail

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