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The Everyday Guide to Software Localization

Learn what software localization is, see real examples, and learn the process. We’ll also share best practices to make your next localization project a success.
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How to Scale Translation and Automate Workflows Seamlessly in Sanity Using Smartling Integration

Smartling integration for Sanity allows scaling content into multiple languages with fully automated translation process.

Save Time and Move Faster: Translate and Design Before Development

Without leaving Figma, you can submit prototypes for professional, machine or pseudo translation.

Building Multi-Architecture Docker Images on ARM 64-bit AWS Graviton2 Processors

Scott Rossillo, Software Engineer at Smartling, runs through the process of building multi-architecture Docker images to leverage the latest AWS Graviton2 processors.
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Smartling Announces WordPress WPML Plugin

New integration provides Smartling customers with a second methodology to translate website content without leaving WordPress platform.
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How Smartling Makes WordPress Translation Even Better

Smartling lets you translate WordPress content without ever leaving your familiar CMS.
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93 Hours to 35 Hours: How AdRoll cut their translating time by more than half
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Delivering the personal touch across 5,600 hotels in 16 languages
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Slack is Making Big Moves in Localization

A response to “How we Localize Slack- The cultural considerations and values that guide Slack’s global accessibility”