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Product Localization 101: Engineer a Product for Local Markets
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Product Localization: How To Develop A Localization Strategy For Global Markets

Product localization can help you increase your user base and revenue over time. This is an in-depth article on how to achieve this successfully.
BP20210726 - Software Localization@2x
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The Everyday Guide to Software Localization

Learn what software localization is, see real examples, and learn the process. We’ll also share best practices to make your next localization project a success.
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Q&A with Coinbase: Crypto Giant’s Secret to Successful Localization Strategy

This Q&A session with Michelle Wu, Senior Enterprise Localization Manager of Coinbase, answers your questions about Coinbase’s localization and translation processes and strategies.
expert insights to building an effective martech stack
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Expert Insights for Building an Effective Martech Stack

Discover the key elements for building your ideal martech stack as well as what to look for when choosing technologies.
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Why Does the G2 Score Matter?

G2 is an invaluable way to listen to customer voices through reviews, so we can help our customers achieve their translation and localization goals faster. Our top G2 ranking for 12 consecutive quarters proves that!
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Navigating Global Business and Localization Going Forward

As we move forward in a more digital-focused world, what will it mean for managing global content?
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Translation Isn't Blind: How to Launch New Languages

During this episode, Jessica Birenz from Yext reveals the key ingredients to her team's success as they localized marketing and product materials to scale their business globally.
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Translation Isn't Blind: We translate because...

Conventional wisdom tells us that translation expands reach; and reach drives revenue. During this episode, we cover how to reframe how you talk about translation internally through untold stories about why other businesses translate.
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Get to Know Lesley, Smartling’s New Head of EMEA

I had the chance to get to know more about Lesley as she joins the Smartling team.
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Building Customer Trust with Authentic Content

How brands can deliver authentic content that answers the questions their audience is asking.
Translating in a Digital-First World ebook by Smartling
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Translating in a Digital-First World eBook

Discover how a global strategy continues to be a competitive advantage for your brand.
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Why Website Localization Remains an Advantage in 2020

Engage new audiences around the world by adapting your website to different cultural nuances and preferences.
Smartling in the news. Press releases. News clippings and more.
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Smartling Announces 2020 Global Ready Events

International, quarterly conferences bring together localization experts giving them space to create an irresistible experience for their audiences.

Smartling Draft Launch (Webinar)

With Andrew Saxe, VP of Product, and Jeremy Shankle, Principal Engineer
Gabi Moore with Smartling on Language Services
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Tearing Down Industry Norms with Gabi Moore

Thought leader and seasoned Account Manager, Gabi Moore, explains what to look for to help ease the process of translating your projects.
Get the latest in localization research and trends.
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Global Ready Success Kit 2019

A complete guide to help you navigate the common obstacles B2B organizations face while expanding globally.
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Slack is Making Big Moves in Localization

A response to “How we Localize Slack- The cultural considerations and values that guide Slack’s global accessibility”
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Mapping Out Growth With Localization
Smartling's blog is the primary resource for thought leadership in localization.
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Global Content and the Next Frontier for B2B Marketing

Translating digital content, like websites, mobile apps and documents, is a competitive advantage for your business.
Smartling's blog is the primary resource for thought leadership in localization.
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Where Global B2B Marketing Strategies and Customer Experience Intersect

Prospects are far more ready to convert when they feel that they are being noticed and treated as individuals.