How to Scale Translation and Automate Workflows Seamlessly in Sanity Using Smartling Integration

Smartling integration for Sanity allows scaling content into multiple languages with fully automated translation process.

Steven Sorenson

Steven Sorenson

Director of Product IntegrationsSmartling

With the world having moved to digital content to power the end user experience, it’s become mission critical for globally oriented companies to also think about translating and localizing the content so it is relevant to the end user.

The reason why is simple: if the end user can’t read the content, they won’t buy the product. In fact, it now takes 45 languages to reach 95% of the world’s gross domestic product.

At the same time, the sheer volume of content and level of personalization needed to support the user experience is growing exponentially. Think of all the words, buttons and touchpoints we come into contact with as consumers on a daily basis - it’s significant!

This is why developers building and deploying digital experiences are hungry for solutions that will automate workflows and scale seamlessly with minimal involvement. This is especially true for language translation, which is inherently complex as most people can only speak or write in one or a handful of languages.

With mutual customers continuously looking for ways to scale Sanity content into multiple languages, Smartling co-developed an integration with Sanity to introduce a fully automated translation process complemented by professional language services to transform source content into any language.

Curious about how this actually works? Read on!

How to set up the Smartling translation integration for Sanity

It’s incredibly easy and turnkey to set up translation for Sanity with Smartling. Authenticating the integration is as simple as entering the API Token from Sanity into a Smartling project, and then selecting the Sanity dataset desired for each project. Translations can be triggered manually, or better yet the entire process can be programmed to continuously search for new content and translate it automatically.

Smartling translation integration for Sanity

Configure translation workflows

A translation workflow defines the steps and stakeholders involved in completing a translation project. A typical workflow involves the following steps:

  1. Authorize the content for translation
  2. Translate the content
  3. Edit the translation
  4. Publish the translation

Some teams add an internal review step before the publish step as an extra layer of quality assurance.

Configure Translation Workflows - Sanity Integration

One of Smartling’s advanced workflow features, Dynamic Workflows, can intuitively move content to stakeholders based on a predetermined set of criteria. It optimizes the use of translation resources to deploy new content and changes as quickly as possible. One customer achieved 2x faster turnaround time within 2 months of implementing Dynamic Workflows.

Professionally translate Sanity content with Smartling Language Services

Teams spend a considerable amount of time putting together the words and phrases that make up the marketing content, product experiences, emails and more to engage users. To ensure translations are representative of the brand, it’s important to have a robust process and translation partner. With this integration, Sanity customers get the benefit of leveraging Smartling’s comprehensive language services in addition to the software automation and scalability of Smartling’s platform.

Deploy Content from Sanity

Deploy content from Sanity - Sanity Integration

Smartling’s integration automatically returns translated content to the Sanity Content Lake. Since Sanity treats content as data, you can take your translated content and flow it across APIs to any device, application, or channel around the world. It’s an incredibly intuitive experience that makes it easy to scale across languages and digital channels without the overhead of people and time.

If you’d like to learn more about the integration with Sanity or try it out for yourself, reach out to us today!