Review Mode - One Month Into Our CAT Tool Alternative

A month after our release, 90% of internal reviewers using Smartling have adopted Review Mode over the full CAT Tool.

Jennifer Chew

Jennifer Chew

Product Marketing ManagerSmartling

90% of internal reviewers using Smartling have adopted Review Mode over the full CAT Tool

It’s been a month since we launched our new review interface - Review Mode - and boy has it been popular!

We released Review Mode to give internal reviewers an easier way to approve, reject, and edit translations. Since our launch, almost 4,000 internal reviewers have been using Review Mode within Smartling. We saw 90% adoption by internal reviewers 🙌, with 10% switching back to the classic CAT Tool for the full set of features.

We’ve also gotten super positive feedback on Review Mode so far. Here’s what we’ve heard from the field:

“I have worked for a while with the new version of Smartling and it’s quite user friendly, easy and quick to work with.” - Yana

“I think is a great and easy review tool.” - Nancy

“I love the new version. It allows me to have more context on the translation which reduces the research time on complicated cases. The more context we have the less risk of mistranslation/ errors.” - Ismaël

“I like the tool very much and also reviewing the text in individual strings. At the beginning I found it a bit different, but after getting used to it, it makes it easier.” - Sabine

Customer feedback helps us to improve features and to keep striving for the next greatest thing for translators, localization managers, and content managers! Keep it coming.

Learn more about why we launched Review Mode as a CAT Tool alternative. To learn more about how to use Review Mode, view our Help Center article, reach out to your customer success manager or sales rep, or email hi[a] and we’ll be in touch!