The Complete Guide to Translation Services

Learn how language services combined with translation and localization software can help you better serve your global audience, whatever language they speak.


The internet has made it easier than ever for businesses to reach a global audience. Businesses that once had to hustle to reach the national stage can now reach the entire world, by simply having a website or mobile application.

To properly serve a global audience, your digital entities needs to effectively communicate what you do, in a language they understand. Sure, English is one of the most commonly used languages on the internet, but for most people, it’s not their native language.

But it’s no longer enough to run your words through Google Translate. You need your content to effectively communicate with people in their native language.

That’s where localization and translation services come in.

This growing industry is helping businesses adapt to our increasingly global society by helping businesses use words that speak directly to the needs of local users, no matter where they are in the world.

The Complete Guide to Translation Services is our way of helping you navigate the way translation services have changed. In it, we explore:

  • How the current model for translation is broken
  • Who needs translation services
  • Why content localization is more important than ever to your business
  • How website localization software can help provide better translations
  • What services you can expect content localization companies to provide
  • How you can get started with companies who work with translation and localization software

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